Trust Our Transportation Service Professionals

At Bennett Transport Inc., you don’t have to worry about your projects’ timetables being ruined by delays in transport. We understand that every project needs materials and equipment frequently moved from one place to another—a procedure that could take hours or days. Our company is committed to transporting every cargo promptly.


Our Mission

We aim to provide 100% on-time service.

Our Founder

Beau Bennett founded our company with the ultimate goal of delivering great service, and to hire the best drivers the industry offers.  "I started trucking in 2004 where I earned my experience from the base of the industry.  My ultimate goal is to treat everyone like family!  Without great customers and employees, we wouldn't be here."

Why Choose Us

Our reliable and trustworthy team provides the best service using the highest-quality equipment. We also take pride in our competitive pricing while still delivering superior transport services.